Additional Guidelines on the Proposed PNP ECQ Uniform
Additional Guidelines on the Use of ECQ Uniform
CPNPs Instruction re Proper Disposal of Uniforms
Full Implementation of PNP Pixelized FSU
Full Implementation of the Use of the New Rank Insignia for PNCOs
Guidelines in Proposing Unit Seal or Logo
Guidelines in the Use of the Face Shield While in the PNP Uniform
Guidelines in the Use of the Face Shield While in PNP Uniform
Guidelines in the Wearing of Prescribed PNP Uniforms and Accoutrements
Guidelines on the Use of Facemask
Implementation of On-the-Spot Inspection and Correction
Monitoring of Media Interview of PNP Pesonnel
Prescribed Uniform and Unit Flag for the 119th police srvice anniversary
Prescribing the Procedures and Guidelines in Handling of Samples of
PNP Uniforms & Accoutrements
Procedures and Guidelines in the Conduct of Virtual Inspection Scheme in
Furtherance of Tamang Bihis
Prohibition on the Use of Cultural Attire During Police Ceremonies
Reiteration on Intensifying the Implementations of Bantay Bihis
Reiteration on the Conduct of Proper Disposal of PNP Uniforms and
Tamang Bihis on the Spot Inspection
Reiteration on the Holding in Abeyance on the Procurement of PNP Pixelized FSU
Reiteration on the Proper Appearance of PNP Uniformed Personnel 11-17-2020
Reiteration on the Submission of Additional Parameters on ICER and UPER
related to the Implementation on ECQ
Reiteration on the Submission of the Proposd Unit SealLogo for PPOs, CPOs,
Reiteration on the Use of SAR Uniform during Calamities TCDS
Reiteration re Wearing of Authorized Inner Shirt When in Field Service Uniform (FSU)
Reminder re Color of Rank Insignia and Namecloth of the
PNP Pixelized Field Service Uniform (FSU)
Strict Implementation of LOI Tamang Bihis
Unauthorized Selling, Distribution, and Use of Pixelized FSU Cap
Uniform during any Social Media Platform Interview
Uniform During Full Alert Status
Uniforms for Crame Based PNP Uniformed Personnel During the ECQ Period